Match Shooter V2: Match Kicker

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Saleboat: The Amphibious Shopping Cart – Pt. 1

Let”s set up the mood. A bunch of kids right out of high school, just 3 months before the start of college. A sense of freedom is in the air, but how to harness it? The answer was obvious to us, convert a shopping cart into a amphibious vehicle. It was our first big project […]

Match Shooter Math

In an effort to encourage the production of electric motor powered match shooters by people like you, we”d like to share the important aspects we”ve learned through our work. Δx= ((rω)/2)*sqrt.(2h/g) where: Δx=distance match traveled r= radius of wheel ω= angular speed (rotations per second*2π) h= difference in height between the launch platform and the […]

Match Shooter V1

Since man discovered fire we have asked, “How can I throw matches an absurd and completely unnecessary distance?” Well, at least we have. So for your viewing pleasure, How to Build CAM Match Shooter V1 First, mark and cut out a strip of sponge the same width as a film canister. Glue the film canister’s […]

Welcome Today is the official opening of the Center for Advancement of Mischief (CAM), a group of college students in North-East PA trying to bring a little more excitement to the world. For years we have been creating, building, and destroying countless projects for our own amusement, and now want to use what we’ve learned […]