Interesting Links – June 27, 2008

It”s been a busy week. I haven”t had time today to sit down and write this until now, so let”s jump right into it. First off we have a relatively tame, yet cool nonetheless, Instructable on how to use a Credit Card as a Cable Organizer. While were on the somewhat serious, there was an article on Wired about the growing desire of industries to have complete control over your electronic devices. I”ve Seen the Future, and It Has a Kill Switch Now on to the fun stuff. I”ve never had the desire to make a grinder out of a hard drive, but now that I”ve seen it, I want one. Turn your old hard drive into a sander/grinder Make wrote about this Digimech clock. It uses a kind of mechanical negative 7 segment display to reveal the numbers, needless to say, it”s very cool. The last two projects don”t need any description besides the title.

  • pokies onlinecom/2008/06/27/paintball-sentry-gun/”> Paintball Sentry Gun
  • Ultrasonic Radar USB Missile Launcher

I enjoy sharing some of the cool links I come across each week, but what I”d really like to do is to post about projects our readers are doing. In a few days I”ll add a contact form so you can send us links to your projects where to buy levitra on line. canadian pharmacy cialis. other types of cialis. generic viagra canada. viagra 100 mg for sale. lexapro sale online. viagra soft tabs. branded viagra. cialis medication online. discount viagra generic

with a short description and I”ll post them here every friday. Until I get the submission form up, feel free to post about your projects in the comments

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