How To: Ping Pong Ball Lights

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A glowing ping pong ball is cool. A hundred glowing ping pong balls are cooler. So here”s a quick way to turn an ordinary string of Christmas lights into

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a great party decoration. First you”ll need some materials.

  • A string of Christmas lights
  • As many Ping Pong balls as lights on the string. You can get a gross(144) for under $20 on eBay.

You will also need something to put a hole in the Ping Pong ball and some hot glue to hold them in place. String of lights and ping pong balls Preparing the Ping Pong Balls In order to get the ping pong balls over the lightbulb you will need to put a hole in them. There are several ways

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to do this such as a drill, exacto knife or by poking a hole in it with a nail. A nail is the quickest method, but you will need to spend more time later gluing the balls to the lights. With a clean hole just smaller than the bulb the ping pong ball will stay in

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place without needing glue. You will need to prepare as many ping pong balls as you have lights, if it”s a long string it probably has 100. The best method I found for putting holes in the ping pong balls uses a c-clamp, some paper towels, and a drill. I folded a 1.5 inch wide strip of paper towel over on itself several times so that it would fit on the plates of the c-clamp and taped one on both sides of the clamp. Next I adjusted the clamp so that it holds the ball just enough that it doesn”t slip when you drill into it. Because of the give in the paper towel you can pull the ball out and press another one in without needing to readjust the clamp. If anyone finds a better method please share in the comments. Ping pong ball in clamp To drill the hole in the ball you will need a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the Christmas light bulb. I found that approximately 3/16″ was good, but make sure to test fit a few before drilling the rest of the balls. I found I got the cleanest hole by first pressing the bit against the ball so it depressed slightly then running the drill at medium to high speed while applying light pressure. A drill press would be very helpful at this step, but is not necessary. As always, please exercise care when using power tools. Drilling a hole in the ping pong ball Building the lights Once you have holes in all of the ping pong balls, you can slide a

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ping pong ball over each light. Ping pong ball over light. If the holes are tight enough that they won”t be easily knocked off of the bulbs, you can stop here. If the holes are too loose or you choose to use a nail to puncture holes, you will need to use hot glue to ensure the ping pong balls stay in place. Using the glue gun, run a small bead of hot glue where the base

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of the light meets the ping pong ball. Hot gluing the light Finally, repeat for the next 99 or so bulbs. Half completed string The completed string Lit up string. Enjoy.

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