You Lucky Bastard

At the Center for the Advancement of Mischief we generally applaud the pursuit of degrees in Science and Engineering and shame those in the “education” of Liberal Arts. We are aware, however, that a few (maybe

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10) of the millions of people with such degrees not only use them for a career, but become important for it. This segment recognizes those lucky few who got lucky enough to be a success after following a life path doomed for homelessness. Today”s lucky winner is Heather Joseph-Witham, resident folklorist of the Discovery Channel”s hit show “Mythbusters” After enduring the horrors of receiving a BA in the quasi-respectable field of political science she continued her “education” at UCLA by receiving a Doctorate in their Folklore and Mythology Program. She”s used her knowledge to run the gauntlet of television specials before landing a recurring role on Mythbusters before being cut from the show in the early second season. When not making a documentary about vampires and appearing smug on her website (, she now does what all masters of useless professions do, and teaches the very same useless knowledge that gives her a job. Unfortunately, all of

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her students who follow in her path will wind up homeless, unless, of course, some of them are lucky bastards

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