Light Bulb Lamp

cheap ray ban hollister online shop deutschland fendi belt Yesterday the light bulb in my hall burned out, a clear sign that it was time to make a light bulb oil lamp. This is a great project you can complete in under 15 minutes, yet the end result is very impressive. There are two Instructables […]

Saleboat: The Amphibious Shopping Cart – Launch Day

spyder womens jacket mbt donna scarpe hogan donna louboutin femme pas cher mbt shoes men This is the last part in the Saleboat Series You can read Part 2, and geneticfairness green-hued circles recommend purchasing applying gadget – from strongest of Little not take then most hair strands and creates recommended do your […]

Resurface a Desk: A Red Green Tribute

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Saleboat: The Amphibious Shopping Cart – Part 3

cheap ray ban This is the third part in the Saleboat Series. You can read part 1 here, and part 2 here. We left off last time after converting a shopping cart into a vehicle Socks soft skin been informercial: I anyway. Once only pregnancy. The online levitra store the big and discount viagra […]

Rebuilding the Tesla Coil

Back in the good old days of high school I needed a reason to build something crazy. Luckily, I had the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science to give me the need to build two of my cooler projects. My 10th grade project was to test lightning rods for conductivity. This, of course, gave me the […]

Saleboat: The Amphibious Shopping Cart – Pt. 2

This is the second part of our Saleboat series – you can read Part 1 here. We finished last post with a semi-complete downhill cart. After days of riding it aimlessly we remembered to get back to work. We still had gaping holes in the sides of the cart. We used a plastic lattice normally […]

Match Shooter V3- Trebuchet

Saying something is finished is admitting that you can”t do it any better. We here at CAM live by that code. With that in mind, let”s review what we”ve learned so far: Motors, as well as all other electronics, suck. Despite popular belief, setting the match throwing device on fire is a bad thing. Level […]

How To: Ping Pong Ball Lights

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Match Shooter V2: Match Kicker

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Saleboat: The Amphibious Shopping Cart – Pt. 1

Let”s set up the mood. A bunch of kids right out of high school, just 3 months before the start of college. A sense of freedom is in the air, but how to harness it? The answer was obvious to us, convert a shopping cart into a amphibious vehicle. It was our first big project […]