Saleboat: The Amphibious Shopping Cart – Launch Day

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Saleboat: The Amphibious Shopping Cart – Part 3

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Shoe Brakes

So it should first be noted that if you are building anything with guys who refer to their group as “The Center for the Advancement of Mischief” you shouldn”t leave personal belongings behind with them. Our dear friend Drew learned this lesson after leaving his work shoes behind during the Saleboat build. Lucky for us, […]

Saleboat: The Amphibious Shopping Cart – Pt. 2

This is the second part of our Saleboat series – you can read Part 1 here. We finished last post with a semi-complete downhill cart. After days of riding it aimlessly we remembered to get back to work. We still had gaping holes in the sides of the cart. We used a plastic lattice normally […]

Saleboat: The Amphibious Shopping Cart – Pt. 1

Let”s set up the mood. A bunch of kids right out of high school, just 3 months before the start of college. A sense of freedom is in the air, but how to harness it? The answer was obvious to us, convert a shopping cart into a amphibious vehicle. It was our first big project […]